The San Perdido "Danger Flag" ("Adventure Flag Three") Bandana

The San Perdido "Danger Flag" ("Adventure Flag Three") Bandana

Product ID : SP-AC-BDF3R-ORG

DESCRIPTION: Wherever adventure resides, danger is always nearby. The Danger Flag (the Adventure Flag Three) bandana Red/White colorway is the international maritime signal flag for "danger." Printed with handy information for any recon mission, ghost ship discovery, or hazardous excursion: Map Symbols and Their Meanings, Semaphore (flag signals), Important Terms in Regionally Significant Languages, Common Cocktail Recipes (always essential for survival), Ground-to-Air Distress Signals, and more!

Available in Solid Orange, or Signal-Flag Red & White. We provide the bandana, you provide the sweat and dirt.

SPECS: 22" x 22", 100% cotton, printed in California.