The Matera "Aukelos" Women's Trade Bead Necklace

The Matera "Aukelos" Women's Trade Bead Necklace

Product ID : SP-AC-JAUK

DESCRIPTION: This type of necklace has existed for over 2,000 years -- throughout ancient India, Mesopotamia, the Mediterranean, and North Africa. These precious beads of vivid glass and stone represent the long and intrepid journeys of ancient merchants and travelers (and they even functioned as currency in many regions). The San Perdido Trading Company is proud to offer the Matera "Aukelos" (named after the ancient Mediterranean city of Matera and the ancient Etruscan word for "Sunrise"): each is a unique strand of modern, vintage, and ancient beads from the Near East to West Africa, with a beautiful vintage carnelian "Sunrise" gem. As it was in ancient times, this is the perfect necklace (or triple-wrap bracelet) for travel, adventure, or leisure.

SPECS: 21" long necklace (or a triple-wrap bracelet for a 7" wrist); hypo-allergenic clasp; strung on medium gauge nylon-coated beading wire (and double-crimped) for resilience.