The Hobo Talisman Necklace

The Hobo Talisman Necklace
Product ID : SP-AC-HOTL
DESCRIPTION: For over a hundred years, Hobos traveled the American Railways in search of labor, shelter, and food. And on the road, it can't hurt to have some spiritual protection with you. We're proud to offer the Hobo Talisman Necklace: a rustic bottle opener (for good drink), a boar's tooth (for good food), and a Hobo Nickel (for good luck) suspended on a simple and functional ball chain. For decades, the Hobo Nickel symbolized the crafts of the Hobo: taking a common item (the Buffalo Nickel) and transforming it into a new artwork (the image of a Hobo). Our Hobo nickels are hand-(re)carved in California (and like real Hobos, no two Hobo Nickels are alike: making each one a unique artwork). The perfect item for travel, a summer barbecue, or living on the road.
SPECS: bottle opener 1.75" long; nickel 0.875" diameter; tooth approximately 2" long; 24" (adjustable) #3 gauge ball chain.