The Tasmanian Tiger Expedition Patch

The Tasmanian Tiger Expedition Patch
Product ID: TH-AC-PTT1
DESCRIPTION: Upon the1936 death of the last known Thylacine (Thylacinus cynocephalus, also known as the "Tasmanian Tiger"), an expedition set out in hope of finding any surviving specimens in Tasmania and New Guinea (with no avail), eventually making their way to the lost Monsoon Island Nation of Thimbhatang, where the Expedition disappeared. Their last telegram stated: "No Thylacines still. Have had 2 encounters with Sumatran Dragons here. Are not extinct! Will attempt to catch specimen." This patch commemorates their brave efforts and to remind us of hope for extinct species. Thylacines may indeed still survive in remote areas of Australia.
SPECS: 3.5" high, 3" wide; finely embroidered; iron-on backing