The San Perdido "Cursed Idol" Tee

The San Perdido "Cursed Idol" Tee

Product ID : SP-GM-TCI-M

DESCRIPTION: This beautiful dip-dyed shirt is emblazoned with the ominous "Cursed Idol" of El Dorado (located in the jungles of the lost nation of San Perdido); this vintage style logo, with the San Perdido Trading Company name in both English and Chinese, is right at home in dense jungles, underground bars, or on an archaeological expedition. This is the shirt of a well-traveled Explorer.

SPECS: This is a high-quality, light-weight, dip-dyed (grey-black),100% cotton shirt; shirt graphics are printed in a distressed fashion; the collar and sleeve trim are hand-distressed to provide the well-worn look and feel of a favorite shirt.

OPTIONS & SIZES: Available in both Men's and Women's styles.