The Uncle Cheng's Golden Duck Palace Tee

The Uncle Cheng's Golden Duck Palace Tee

Product ID : TH-GM-TUC-TN

DESCRIPTION: The most celebrated restaurant in the lost nation of Thimbhatang, "Uncle Cheng's Golden Duck Palace" draws pilgrims from around the globe, in search of the perfect roast duck. Printed in Uncle Cheng's traditional red and green, with the radiant metallic golden ducks – to celebrate the beauty of Uncle Cheng's mastery of this most perfect dish.

SPECS: This is a high quality 100% cotton BELLA+CANVAS shirt; shirt graphics are printed in a distressed fashion; the collar and sleeve trim are hand-distressed to provide the well-worn look and feel of a favorite shirt.

OPTIONS & SIZES: Available in both Men's and Women's styles, in Black or Pebble Brown (a beautiful and versatile midpoint between tan, grey, and mauve).