The Timbostan 100K Banknote Zippo Lighter

The Timbostan 100K Banknote Zippo Lighter

Product ID: TS-AC-Z1HK

DESCRIPTION: Printed exclusively for the San Perdido Trading Company by ZippoTM, the Timbostan 100 kroni banknote lighter celebrates a great feat of this tiny post-Soviet arctic nation: the recovery of fossil life from Mars. Timbostan's Raudne-2 Mars Mission is venerated in their 100 kroni banknote: the orange and coffee brown color palette of Mars soil, the spectacular fossil specimen recovered, and the current ruler of Timbostan – the native arctic Queen Yana Chuuitna. The transparent toffee brown finish of the lighter beautifully accents this bank note image.  A perfect pocket piece for space exploration enthusiasts, Arctic adventurers, and fans of alien life.

SPECS: 2.1875" x 1.4375" x 0.5"; transparent toffee-brown base; lighter fluid not included. Made in America.