The Hypernesia R100 Banknote Zippo Lighter

The Hypernesia R100 Banknote Zippo Lighter

Product ID : HY-AC-Z1HR 

DESCRIPTION: Printed exclusively for the San Perdido Trading Company by ZippoTM, this beautiful 100 roipu banknote lighter celebrates the lost tropical island nation of Hypernesia. In the remote expanse of the Western Pacific lies the Hypernesian Archipelago: home to a living (and colorful) species of Dodo (the Resplendent Dodo – Raphus resplendens), the fierce volcano Etak, and the unique Aurora Centralis ("The Equatorial Lights"). The 100 roipu banknote features the dignified monarch of Hypernesia, Princess Tiariru, donning feathers of the Resplendent Dodo and the traditional tattoos of the people of Hypernesia. This lighter is the perfect pocket item for those who love Pacific island travel, the look and feel of coral, and the smell of ocean and tropical flowers.

SPECS: 2.1875" x 1.4375" x 0.5"; cream matte base; lighter fluid not included. Made in America.