The Luxury Hotel Minibar Zippo Lighter

The Luxury Hotel Minibar Zippo Lighter

Product ID : TH-AC-ZMB1

DESCRIPTION: Printed exclusively for the San Perdido Trading Company by ZippoTM, the Luxury Hotel Minibar lighter is the perfect pocket item. For the weary World Traveler, a hotel minibar is a tiny cornucopia, an oasis of fine things, and a great relief from a long day. The "Luxury Hotel Minibar" brand is known throughout the lost nation of Thimbhatang as the mark of high quality products: from their unique herbal soft drinks to their distinctive red cigarettes. Their motto says it all, "Minibar means Luxury." We're proud to offer this handsome orange matte lighter with the beautiful and colorful Luxury Hotel Minibar logo: on long journeys, you can gaze into the tiny minibar and dream of what awaits you at the end of your travel. We're going for the pack of smoked almonds first.

SPECS: 2.1875" x 1.4375" x 0.5"; orange matte base; lighter fluid not included. Made in America.