The Timbostan 50K Banknote Zippo Lighter

The Timbostan 50K Banknote Zippo Lighter

Product ID : TS-AC-Z50K

DESCRIPTION: Printed exclusively for the San Perdido Trading Company by ZippoTM, the Timbostan 50 kroni banknote lighter features a majestic portrait of the former native monarch of this lost Arctic nation: Queen Yana Tuusik. The banknote is emblazoned in the Timbostan national symbol – the Woolly Mammoth – and bears an AK-47, the symbol of their remarkable national defense program: a robot army. This handsome lighter has a vivid blue, transparent candy-like finish, perfectly accenting the image print on the front.

SPECS: 2.1875" x 1.4375" x 0.5"; transparent blue base; lighter fluid not included. Made in America.