The San Perdido "Adventure Flag One" Bandana

The San Perdido "Adventure Flag One" Bandana

Product ID : SP-AC-BAF1O-EO

DESCRIPTION: We're proud to offer the perfect bandana for every adventure! The Adventure Flag One bandana is printed with useful information for any expedition, excavation, or mission: Maritime Flags and Their Meanings, Morse Code, Venomous Snakes (and Probability of Death if Bite Is Untreated), an emergency Survival Sundial, Useful Terms and Phrases in Gypsy Language, Nine Important Knots, Signs for Haitian Vodou Supernaturals, and much more!

Available in Solid Orange, or Signal-Flag Red & White. We provide the bandana, you provide the sweat and dirt.

SPECS: 22" x 22", 100% cotton, printed in California.