The Strangeroot Medicine Tee

The Strangeroot Medicine Tee
Product ID : TH-GM-TSR1-TN
DESCRIPTION: Guày-Gen-Yáo ("Strangeroot") has been valued for its curative abilities for centuries, as it is believed to bestow users with the ability see the future and to communicate with the deceased. We are proud to offer the 100%-cotton Strangeroot Medicine shirt, celebrating a medicine for the mind, body, and the supernatural. The Strangeroot image is celebrated in a rich metallic gold. The shirt collar and trim are hand-distressed to give your shirt that "adventured-in" look, making each garment a distinctive work of art.
SPECS: This is a high quality 100% cotton BELLA+CANVAS shirt; shirt graphics are printed in a distressed fashion; the collar and sleeve trim are hand-distressed to provide the well-worn look and feel of a favorite shirt.

OPTIONS & SIZES: Available in both Men's and Women's styles, in Black or Pebble Brown (a beautiful and versatile midpoint between tan, grey, and mauve).